Combining of e-mail folders (Drafts, Sent, Trash, spam/Junk)

  • 13th September 2021
We'll be making some changes to our servers when it comes to the Drafts, Sent, Trash, and spam folders. Quite a few e-mail accounts have duplicates of these, where some are placed below the Inbox, and some are on the same level as Inbox. Most e-mail software (including our own webmail) expects and uses the folders on the same level as Inbox. This ...
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Upgrading of servers for mail exchange and filtering

  • 8th September 2021
Our servers that handle incoming e-mail for our customers, will going forward be replaced by new ones. You as a customer do not need to make any changes in this regard, unless we contact you directly. The new setup works in a similar way as the old, but is hopefully even better at stopping and detecting spam. As on our old setup, the filter adds ...
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