Mail: Plus addressing

We have support for plus addressing (also known as sub addressing) in our systems. This gives our customers the option to use alternative e-mail addresses without having to create a dedicated e-mail account or forwarder. This also makes it easier to create filtering to keep track of e.g. e-mail to mailinglists, or newsletters.

As a user you do not have to set up anything in order to receive e-mail to these addresses. It will already work, both for e-mail accounts and forwards.


How does it work?

Plus addressing means that if you have an e-mail account, e-mail can also be sent to, and it will be delivered to the mailbox of You can for example have or, and then create filters for these addresses. This will allow you to on-the-fly give a tailored e-mail address to a new contact or website.

Note that e-mail addresses that contain a '+' sometimes will incorrectly be considered an invalid e-mail address in e.g. registration forms.

Unlike a standard forward, a plus address will not hide your true e-mail address if that is something you require. If you wish to combine hiding your real e-mail address with plus addressing, you could create a forward with a generic name (e.g. to your real address, and hand out to contacts.


Sending e-mail from a plus address

If you wish to send out e-mail with a specific plus address as the sender, you will need to create an additional identity in your e-mail program.

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