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In this guide we show you how to find information you need to connect to SSH/SFTP and how to reset the password for your user.

  1. Log in to the client area.

  2. Click on "All functions" behind the domain name you like to access with SSH/SFTP.
    Hurtigknapper til funksjoner

  3. In the menu on the left side under "Actions", chose "Change Password for 'username' (SFTP)".
    Change password

  4. On this page, you will get information about the server, port and username. You can now reset the password by choosing one yourself or by generating a password. Remember to use a secure password which preferably is a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. E.g. a good password could be as follows: "I_make_mY_h0mepage_mYse|f".
    SSH/SFTP informasjon

  5. Save your changes when you are done, and within a few seconds you will be ready to login using SSH/SFTP.

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