Changes in PHP versions: 8.2 available, 8.0 removed (in November)

  • Friday, 2nd June, 2023
  • 10:24am

All our new webservers (web1X and web2X) now have PHP 8.2 available. If your account has been migrated to one of these new servers, you're able to swap to 8.2.

Other PHP versions will be removed as they lose support from the developers. Below is a table for all our currently active versions, and when they will be removed on our servers. All customers on a version that is removed, will be upgraded to the next version. Customers are responsible for making sure their website works on the newer PHP versions.

PHP version Removed by Nordhost
8.0 November 2023
8.1 November 2024
8.2 November 2025

For information about the changes between versions, see the information from PHP Group:

For information about how to change PHP version for your domain, see Other: Change PHP version in our knowledgebase. Note that Ioncube Loader currently is unavailable for PHP 8.2.

Contact us if you have any questions in regards to this.

- Kristian

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