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In this guide we show you how to use our application installer to install an application into your hosting account.

  1. Log in to your account in the client area.
  2. Find your domain name in the box on the start page and click "All functions".

  3. Under "Your account" you will find "Applications".

  4. Click on "Install New".

  5. Find the application you want to install. In this guide we have installed WordPress.

  6. The next step is more/less the same for all applications you can install. We have highlighted some point to pay attention to during the installation.

    Domain: Choose the domain name you want to do the installation on. Your sub domains will also show in this box.
    Directory: If you like to install in, you insert "website" here. 
    Protocol: We do recommend to use https:// here, but make sure you have activated SSL on your domain for this to work.
    Language: Choose the language of the installation.
    Site Title: Choose a title of your installation.
    Login: The admin username for the application. We recommend to not use admin, but choose your own or generate one.
    Password: A safe password for your user. If you like, use a password generator.
    Auto update and backup: We do recommend to use automatic updates on your application. Before the update runs we will perform a full backup you can restore in case there is any issues after the update.
  7. Click "Install" and your application will be installed in the background.

If you have questions, comments or any need of assistance, please contact us!

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