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In Thunderbird (and few other clients using the same method) our servers will provide all information automatically.

The only thing you need is your email and the password. You can create a new account by following this guide, or reset the password to your account by following this guide.


  1. Start Thunderbird on your computer. If this is the first email you are adding to Thunderbird the setup wizard will start, if so, go to number 3 in this guide to continue.
    Choose "Tools" and "Account Settings".

  2. Press "Account Actions" in the bottom left corner and choose "Add Mail Account".

  3. Insert your name, email and password and press "Continue".

  4. Thunderbird Will find all setting for your account.

    We recommend using "IMAP". Click "Done" and your email will be ready to use.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

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