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In DirectAdmin we have installed the tool "IMAPSync" that allows you to easily migrate content from your previous provider to your server at Nordhost. For this tool to work the server of your previous provider have to support IMAP (most of the servers around do support this as standard). We do recommend reading this guide carefully before you start the process of migrating your e-mail account.

Before you start you need to be sure you have the correct information from your previous provider (server, username and password). You need to create the e-mail account on your hosting account with us. You can perform a test of the account on our server by login to the webmail service.

We recommend that the name servers for your domain name is not changed to Nordhost's before e-mail and webpage is migrated to our server. When all services is active on our server we can assist you to change the name servers.

If you like us to do the e-mail migration for you our price is kr. 390/domain name excl. vat. To complete such migration we need access to the control panel for maintenance of DNS and e-mail with your previous provider. We at Nordhost also provide a free service to move your webpage to our servers when you purchase web hosting, lifetime web hosting or pro hosting.

  1. When you have all information needed we are ready to start the migration. The first thing you have to do is to login to your previous provider and update the MX-records to point to our server. The new MX record should be like this:
    your-domain.no.       IN       MX       mx.nordkapp.net.
    Wait until the DNS is updated. You can check the MX update with the "DNS Checker":

  2. After the MX-record is updated, login to the client area and click on the DirectAdmin-button behind the domain name you like to migrate e-mails for.
    DirectAdmin knapp

  3. In DirectAdmin chose "E-Mail Manager" and "IMAPSync Migrations" from the menu.

  4. Click on the button for "Import e-mails" from the to right corner menu to start a new import.
  5. Insert the information for the e-mail account you like to migrate.
    "Source" is the information from your previous provider. Most of the providers have a shared "host" for incoming e-mail. Check with your previous provider what is the correct server.
    "Destination" is the account on our server. You have to chose the "User" you like to import to from the list, and insert the password for the account (you have chosen the password yourself when the account was created on our server).

  6. Push the "Start Migration"-button and the import of the e-mail to your new account will start. If you have a lot of e-mail the process will take some time to complete. Note that if the MX-record is updated all e-mails will now be delivered to our server. You can check your e-mail by adding the account to your device or login to our webmail.

Contact us in case you have any questions or need help.

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