Delayed mail dlivery

Since yesterday we had a delay on mail delivery from one of our two mailfilters. The issue was fixed at 0830 today, and all mail in the que is now delivered.

We do apologize for the delay, and the inconvinience this have caused.

- Håvard

30th Nov 2021
Office hours during Christmas and new year 2021/2022

Hello, We have the following office hours during the holidays: Friday 24/12 0800 - 1400 Monday 27/12 0800 - 1700 Tuesday 28/12 0800 - 1700 Wednesday 29/12 0800 - 1700 Thursday 30/12 0800 - 1700 Friday 31/12 0800 - 1400 We wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year!- Guys at Nordhost Read More »

23rd Nov 2021
Combining of e-mail folders (Drafts, Sent, Trash, spam/Junk)

We'll be making some changes to our servers when it comes to the Drafts, Sent, Trash, and spam folders. Quite a few e-mail accounts have duplicates of these, where some are placed below the Inbox, and some are on the same level as Inbox. Most e-mail software (including our own webmail) expects and uses the folders on the same level as Inbox. This ... Read More »

13th Sept 2021
Upgrading of servers for mail exchange and filtering

Our servers that handle incoming e-mail for our customers, will going forward be replaced by new ones. You as a customer do not need to make any changes in this regard, unless we contact you directly. The new setup works in a similar way as the old, but is hopefully even better at stopping and detecting spam. As on our old setup, the filter adds ... Read More »

8th Sept 2021