Problem with mail filter/ (resolved)

Today we had issues with deliveries of e-mail to our servers were rejected. The cause of this was a third party spam filter service from Spamcop/Cisco. This is a service we perform lookups against to determine whether or not to accept an e-mail. The domain name used for this service ( had due to an error expired, and this caused all ... Read More »

31st Jan 2021
Issues in our network (resolved)

Hello, We have some issues in our network now. The problem started at 08:12 and our services has been periodically unavailable. Our team is working on finding the cause. - Håvard 17.01.2021 09:30 Services were back to normal around 08:45 after our network provider found and isolated a switch in their core network that had problems. We ... Read More »

17th Jan 2021