Problems with the network (resolved)

We are currently experiencing network related issues for many of our services. The problems started around 09:06. Affected customers will have their services unavailable. We are working on resolving this problem as soon as possible. - Kristian 18.05.2021 09:20 Our provider is on their way to the datacenter to troubleshoot and fix the ... Read More »

18th May 2021
PHP 7.2 is now removed

As announced previously, PHP 7.2 has now been removed from our servers. The standard PHP version is now 7.4 All domain that used 7.2, are now using 7.4. All domains that used 7.3 or 8.0 are still using those versions. Note that 7.3 will be removed on December 1st 2021. To change the PHP version for your domain, you can follow this ... Read More »

10th May 2021
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