The people and Nordhost

Who we are and What we do?

Nordhost is a professional provider of hosting- and cloud services, domain names, as well as consultancy- and server management services. Nordhost is an accredited registrar of Norid, who manages the top level domain .no. We also have a number of partners that help us to register domain names across the world. Nordhosthas broad expertise and skilled employees who put stability, accessibility and uptime very high. We should always be the best choice for the solution of our customers.

Håvard Dahlslett



Håvard is working part time and takes care of customer service and the duty phone. With a genuine interest for gadgets and hosting, he is responsible for tasks as management, finances, sales and customer service. Håvard founded the company in 1999 and he owns the company along with Kristian, who became a co-owner in the early 2000s, when the company became a share holding company.

Kristian Rønningen



Kristian is the chief technology officer (CTO) and is responsible for all of our servers and our network equipment. With great interest and knowledge for Linux-based operating systems, and with more then 20 years of experience he has a strong focus on security and stability. You can often meet Kristian on the duty phone and he also takes care of our third-line support by e-mail. He became a co-owner in the company at the beginning of the 2000s.

Uptime, Speed and Stability

Our goal is to be best at stability and support. We are always working hard to improve our services. We would like to have your feedback on our customer service. Below is a small list of our best features, which make us a first choice.


High-performance hardware from well known producers, as well as 10Gbps redundancy network infrastructure to ensure the best performance.

Spam- & virusfilter

Always updated spam and virus filter keeps your inbox free from junk mail. We also offer SpamExpertsTM their professional filters as an add-on.


Uptime is very important and our monitoring system shows an uptime of 99.994% in the last 30 days..


24/7 monitoring with one, three and five minute intervals to detect all problems. Our technicians are notified immediately in case of trouble.

Free technical support

We offer free technical support within office hours and we often do reply to mail and chat in evenings and weekends as well. Our duty phone is available 24/7 to report any error or issues with our service.


A high level of security is maintained with the latest updated software. All services are monitored to ensure that we are not vulnerable.

Visit our offices

If you are close by in either Honningsvåg or Oslo, feel free to drop in to one of our offices for a small talk or a cup of coffee. We look forward to meeting you!