Problem with mail filter/ (resolved)

Today we had issues with deliveries of e-mail to our servers were rejected. The cause of this was a third party spam filter service from Spamcop/Cisco. This is a service we perform lookups against to determine whether or not to accept an e-mail. The domain name used for this service ( had due to an error expired, and this caused all ... Read More »

31st Jan 2021
Issues in our network (resolved)

Hello, We have some issues in our network now. The problem started at 08:12 and our services has been periodically unavailable. Our team is working on finding the cause. - Håvard 17.01.2021 09:30 Services were back to normal around 08:45 after our network provider found and isolated a switch in their core network that had problems. We ... Read More »

17th Jan 2021
We are changing partner for domain names

Hello, We have started the migration of the following domain names to our new partner Enom:   .com .net .org .info .biz .name .me .store .eu .mobi Clients who have these domain names can receive emails from OnlineNIC (former partner) and Enom to confirm the migration. The migration was started by Nordhost, and it ... Read More »

7th Oct 2020
Support for plus addressing in e-mail addresses

Today we have added support for plus addressing ( in our systems. This will give you as our customer, the option to use alternative e-mail addresses without having to create a dedicated e-mail account or forwarder. This also makes it easier to create filtering to keep track of e.g. e-mail to mailinglists, or ... Read More »

3rd Sept 2020