Upgrading of servers for mail exchange and filtering

  • Wednesday, 8th September, 2021
  • 13:00pm

Our servers that handle incoming e-mail for our customers, will going forward be replaced by new ones. You as a customer do not need to make any changes in this regard, unless we contact you directly.

The new setup works in a similar way as the old, but is hopefully even better at stopping and detecting spam. As on our old setup, the filter adds mail headers that indicate whether or not we believe an e-mail is spam. In addition, it will now add the text [SPAM] at the start of the Subject: field. This will make it easier to, at a glance, see if an e-mail is tagged as spam.

In addition, spam e-mail will automatically be moved to a dedicated spam folder called "Junk". This filter is a standard filter that you yourself can modify or disable if you want to. This can be done in our webmail. See this article for more information about e-mail filtering: Webmail: Create filters for incoming email.

The servers that receives e-mail for a domain is published to the internet using MX pointers. The old servers are:

yourdomain.com.  IN  MX  10 mg01.osl1.nordkapp.net.
yourdomain.com.  IN  MX  10 mg02.osl1.nordkapp.net.

When your domain is moved over to the new servers, the MX pointer will look like this:

yourdomain.com.  IN  MX  10 mx.nordkapp.net.

You can see if this change has been made for your domain in the client area.

If the change has been made, and you experience any issues receiving e-mail from others, please contact us so we can investigate. In order to investigate e-mail delivery problems we need to know the e-mail address of the sender and recipient, the time of the delivery attempt, and any error message the sender receives.

Sending of e-mail is not affected by this change.

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