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In this guide we show how to setup your e-mail account in Microsoft Outlook for mobile. The guide is created on an iPhone but the steps should be similar on Android. 

Before you start it is important that you create your e-mail account. During the creation you will choose your own password for your e-mail account. If someone else have created the account for you, they will provide you the password. We recommend to test your account on our webmail before you move on in this guide.

  1. Start Microsoft Outlook on your mobile. If this is the first account you add, move to step 6 in this guide.

  2. Click on the icon in the top left corner of the screen.

  3. Click on the settings symbol on the bottom left corner to access the settings.

  4. Under “Mail Accounts” click on “Add Mail Account”.

  5. Again you choose “Add Email Account” to continue.

  6. Insert the e-mail address you like to add and click “Add Account”. 

  7. Now you have to complete all data for your account. Microsoft Outlook should be able to automatically insert most of the data. We do recommend to check all settings with a green line under in the picture below.
    In our example we have used the e-mail account “”. This e-mail address have to be changed to your own e-mail address. The password have to be inserted under both “IMAP password” and “SMTP password”.
    When all information is correct, click “Sign In”.
  8. First time you use Microsoft Outlook you will get some choices for privacy policies, diagnostic and user data that you need to confirm.

  9. You will get the question to add more accounts. If you like to add more accounts jump back to step 6 in this guide.
  10. The last choice to make is notifications from Microsoft Outlook.
  11. Your account is now ready to use. Try to send a test e-mail to yourself or a colleague to test your account.

If you do have any questions or need some assistance, please contact us.


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