Privacy policy

  1. Information stored
    1. NordkappNett AS (hereafter: the provider) stores client contact information in a secure database on a separate server. Information that is collected and stored by the provider is as follows:
      • Full name
      • Company Name
      • Organizational Number
      • Address
      • Phone number
      • E-mail
      • IP-address
    2. Information that is collected is used to identify the client, and to send information and other contact between the provider and the client, and also for invoicing the services.
    3. The client has to be aware that this privacy policy is not applicable to the information and data stored on the provider's servers by the end-users. This includes websites with databases such as files, images, text, as well as e-mail sent and received through the service.
  2. Information transmitted to third parties
    1. Domain Registration
      1. Contact information for domain name registration includes the following information:
        • Full name
        • Company Name
        • Address
        • Phone number
        • E-mail
      2. Contact information for registering of domain names includes the following:
        • Norid
        • OnlineNIC
        • Enom
        • Domeneshop
        • AS Nic
      3. Information that is used for registering a domain name can, on request, be hidden from the public whois database (id shield). For .no domain names the information about the domain owner will not be published in the whois database. The provider have their own system to keep the clients e-mail hidden from public whois services.
  3. Security Certificates (SSL)
    1. During registration of security certificates contact informations will be shared with our partner. The shared information is limited to:
      • Contact person
      • Company Name
      • Address
      • Phone number
      • E-mail
      • Domain name
  4. Accounting
    • The provider is using an external accounting service and will share information about client relationships, services and invoices with the accounting partner. Information in accounting is governed by Norwegian law, and is stored in accordance with applicable legislation.
  5. Credit and Debt Collection
    • In situations where the provider is transferring invoices to debt collection, there will be carried out a credit rating of the client. After the credit rating the information related to the invoices will be transferred to our partner for collection, currently Debet AS.
  6. Cooperation with authorities
    • The provider shares information with the Norwegian police or other government agency if ordered. This may be in connection with investigation or criminal proceedings. Information is only given by order, petition or legal order.
  7. Payment information and credit card information
    1. Account information
      • When payment is done by bank transfer, the clients account number is stored for 30 days. Information about the account number is stored in case the payment has to be reverted. After 7 days the information is deleted from our database, and the backup will be rotated after maximum 30 days.
    2. Credit card
      • When payment is done by credit card, the client's name, e-mail and credit card information is encrypted and transferred to our partner Stripe. Information is stored encrypted at Stripe to be used for automatic payments of new invoices.
    3. Vipps
      • When payment is done by Vipps, the client's name, adresse, e-mail, mobile number and purchased services is encrypted and transferred to our partners QuickPay that process the payment trough Vipps' gateway.
  8. Cookies
    1. The provider's website use cookies. Cookies is small pieces of information that is stored on the users computer og mobile phone. A cookie is connected with one webpage, and can not be read or accessed by other websites.
    2. By visiting the provider's website, you accept the use of cookies in accordance with this Privacy Policy. The provider use the following cookies:
      • Strictly necessary: These cookies enable the providers website to function correctly and deliver the services and products you have requested.
      • Performance & Functionality: These cookies are used to enhance the performance and functionality of providers website but are non-essential to their use (for example, the provider uses cookies to remember your preferences on the website). However, without these cookies, certain functionality may become unavailable.
      • Analytical: These cookies collect information that is used either in aggregate form to help the provider understand how the website is being used or to help the provider customise the website for you. In particular the provider use the Google analytics cookies. For more information about Google's privacy policy, please visit If you do not wish to allow the use of Google Analytics cookies at all, Google provides an opt-out plug-in for most common website browsers:
    3. For more information about what cookies are and your rights to control cookies, please visit the third party educational resource:
  9. Sales/transfer of business activities
    • By sale or transfer to another provider of your services or parts of this, the provider reserves the right to disclose information to this company so they can continue the operation of the services.
  10. Consent
    • The client consents that the provider stores personal information related to the customer relationship in a secure database as long as there is ongoing business between the parties. In some special occasions Norwegian Law requires that information is stored longer than mentioned in this agreement. Among them is Norwegian accounting legislation (
  11. Deletion and right of appeal
    1. If the client is a person and an EU or EEA resident, the client will have access to obtaining the information that the provider has stored at any time. The client also has the opportunity to request that information be deleted from the database and the systems where information is stored. The exception is the information that the provider is required to keep in accordance with Norwegian law.
    2. If the Customer suspects that information is not processed correctly according to Privacy Policy, GDPR or other regulations, the client may appeal to the Datatilsynet in Norway or equivalent entity in the country where the client is resident.

05.01.2024, Nordhost, NordkappNett AS